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Tips for Buying and Selling Your Florida Home!

Learn your home value estimate to sell or lease your property at the highest amount possible! Real estate is scarce and because of that, property values in Florida have risen to record high levels! As a result, you can sell your house for the best possible price with the help of a licensed Realtor® or real estate agent. Most importantly, the time to buy or sell your home or land is now – especially if your home is located in sunny Venice, Florida. However, one of the first steps to get your house sold for top dollar is to figure out how much your property or house is worth. Second step, is to find your best listing agent in your area and receive an estimate of your property. This way you can be confident with the price of the home when closing while receiving the highest price possible.

Receive a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) 

Real Estate agents and Sellers are encouraged to visit the Public records. This way, you can get the latest sale price of property values nearby in the city area. For example, by filtering properties similar to yours, you can receive a close estimate to the home and property value worth. This price will likely be close to the actual sale or rent price of the property or home.

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Most Real estate professionals will gladly run a CMA report for your property. Therefore, send me a quick call or email and I can help you with a personalized Comparative market analysis for your property or house. As a result, a close estimate to the value of your home and land will be provided quickly.

Market Your Property

Once deciding on listing your property by owner or with a Realtor, the marketing can start to begin. Be prepared to either sell your home or rent on the spot or show the property within 24 hours for maximum potential.

Moreover, a great way to receive highest money for your property or rental, is to hire a local real estate professional who can market your property well. As with all things, everything is negotiable in real estate.

Great results can happen with great marketing and pictures of the property. In almost all cases, hiring professional photography is the way to go. These pictures can be uploaded to social media for maximum marketing exposure of your property. If it is a commercial property, photo’s should be uploaded to the best commercial online brokers for real estate.

Close the Deal – All the Way

My favorite part is closing the deal. It is important to make sure everything is lined up ready. For example, all inspections should be completed with all escrow deposits cleared. In addition, You need to see if title insurance will be needed as well for the buyer.

Once the sale happens, taxes and fees are to be paid in a timely manner. As a result, you will be all set ready to make the next purchase or sale.

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