There are many factors when it comes to figuring out when the best time to sell your house is. First, do you want the most amount of money, or do you want to sell your house super fast? Sometimes you can’t have both and you’ll have to choose. These are a couple things to consider before wondering when is the best time to sell your house in Venice is.

Buyers are Seasonal in Florida

Florida is home to great year round seasonal weather. As a result, during winter time, there is a large increase of snowbirds vacationing or relaxing in Florida. Take a look at the image below, it simply shows the median number of days a home is listed on the market for. For example, during the month of February, the average day a home was on the market for was 55 days. According to the image generated from StellarMLS, November saw a median number of days to sell at 25. That is a big difference.

Even though November isn’t part of the snowbird rush or summertime moving, November is the best month to sell your home fast. This is partly because buyers and sellers are both eager to make a transaction before the holiday season. Because of this, you may not see a full ask offer, but it is likely you will receive and accept an offer that is reasonable in the shortest time frame possible.  If you want to sell your home for the most amount of money, take a look at the next section.

Graph shows November best time to sell house Florida.

Best Months to Sell Your House

If wanting to receive the most amount possible for your property, it may be better to wait until March or April. These two months are the most active real estate months for Venice Florida. You will likely see a full ask offer more so compared to other months of the year. Summer months in Florida can be quite busy, it just depends if its rainy or too hot outside.

Viewing the image below, we can gather that the most transactions happen during the winter months. Volume of real estate is important because less volume of transactions could mean a drop in demand is coming which could mean lower prices. Therefore, it is a standard to agree, that with large volume, prices and offers are likely to be strong.

Home sales volume in Venice

To Conclude,

The best month to sell your house is in between March and April (Springtime) or in November. You will likely be able to sell your house faster and for more during the seasonal months. However, November will be the #1 month to sell, as most sellers would not mind taking a small price decrease to sell quicker.

If you are struggling to sell, it could be better to delist and wait until the busy months. Maybe you will be glad you did. Sometimes timing the market isn’t always that simple, and you could see the best offer during the data driven worse month to sell – January. It all depends on the data. And we when look at the data we see answers are there just not concrete.