Before you get started selling your home, check out my top 5 items to replace or upgrade for best results! You can add value to your property fast by replacing appliances, adding fixtures, and installing new landscapes. When buyers first step foot into your property, a great response to hear is “Wow, it’s nice!”

Do you think your home can have that same feedback right now? Maybe you will need a couple things replaced or upgraded before selling your home. For example, your water heater may be time for an upgrade and replacing.

It’s important not to overspend. Sometimes it may not be worth moving forward with replacing the water heater and to use the money somewhere else. Therefore, let’s go over some other great things we can update or replace before selling a home.


Property Upgrades

 1. Smoke Alarms

First, are your smoke alarms working? Buyers who finance may need to have smoke alarms installed and in working condition. If not, it could delay the closing and maybe scrap the whole deal. Finding the best items to replace and upgrade in your home is unique to everyone. Safety is important and is why making sure smoke alarms are working is number #1 on this list.

2. Replace / Remove the Carpet

Yes, carpet is slowly fading out of trend. For example, most researchers agree carpet contains a lot of allergens compared to tile and wood floors. Dust gets trapped between the layers and is just a mess to clean. In addition, carpet usually has a small life span. The solution is best to replace carpet with wood, vinyl, or tile. In addition, this can be a great modern upgrade to your property.

New sofa replaced with leather to help sell your home.


3. Kitchen and Bath

One of the best highlights of a property is its kitchen and bath. Having a modern updated kitchen and bath can add a lot of value and bring in more buyers. Combine this with granite kitchen counter tops and stainless appliances for maximum effectiveness.

And while your at it, maybe try switching to the latest kitchen faucets and shower heads for added greatness. Lastly, match your fixtures, lighting, and window treatments to the style of your home for best results.

Granite counters upgraded in kitchen.


4. Landscaping

Replacing old landscapes with the new can brighten up your property and add value. Consider viewing the local nursery for advice on what to plant for your home. In fact, landscaping is almost one of the best ways to increase value for your home.

Simply mowing and maintaining your yard can help justify your asking price. Before selling your house, it may be worth planting a tree, shrubs, or flowers.

Selling home is easier with replaced modern windows.


5. Raise the Roof

Literally and figuratively. To raise the roof on your asking price, it may be best to “simply” replace the roof if it needs an updating. In Florida, a roof can last anywhere between 10-20 years. Quality is important and the type of roof. A flat roof in Florida is considered a more hazard type of roof to own for instance.

So instead of replacing the roof, if you have a flat roof in Florida, it may be worth checking into updating it to have a little pitch so water can flow off. Most buyers will need to negotiate on the roof it it becomes a problem, so if you know it needs a fixing, try replacing it before selling, or offer a credit to the buyer.

In conclusion,

Today we reviewed the tops items on what to replace before selling your home and strategies that can add value. Choosing what to replace can be a challenging time. Figure out the most important and work from there. At least it’s something. Just do not forget about the smoke alarms. Other then that, upgrades to your landscaping, appliances, lighting, and roof repair can raise the value of your home significantly.

Keep track of expenses to make sure to fully calculate and justify the value. If the asking price is a little bit on the higher side, presenting your upgrades can seal the deal.

That is all for now. What do you think can add value to your home? Share your comments below. And be sure to subscribe to my exclusive newsletter for local real estate market news and updates!