Venice Florida is great for real estate. I have created this video to show how this city is amazing and is perfect for all weather and seasons. I think the location is also convenient. The Gulf of Mexico is basically right in the backyard.

In Venice, you can find historic architecture along with updated homes. All giving off character of Mediterranean, modern, and traditional Spanish style designs for example.

You can also find villas or condos that also have these same characteristics. Unique styles I believe are what makes Venice a great and exciting place to live.

Venice has good food to, cannot forget about that. Though, sunsets are also what makes owning real estate here of value. Everyday is a new sunset with colors raging from vibrant red, to colors blues and orange.

Properties are going quick this time of the year. For example Islandwalk is a great new community in Venice, and almost every week a sale has happened in that community. I have not seen this much activity in a long time.

The buying does not seem to be stopping anytime either. As more land is developed, it will attract more buyers further increasing prices. Luckily, home designs are approved if in city limits. This way architecture will remain to its traditional Venetian styles.

Other types of Venice Real Estate

Condos are also becoming the hot new piece of property to purchase. The location and view for this type of property is important. A great view with a great location will provide you great results.

For instance, if a buyer does a walk-through and in the background are dolphins jumping out from the gulf, that could sell the property right then and there full ask. However, if the same condo had the view of another building, that sale might not have happened. Which is why when it comes to condos or villas, location and view is important.

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