A great way to maximize the selling potential of your home is to know how to stage a house correctly. Staging a house or property can be very simple and sometimes even fun. In addition, staging a house is a perfect way to make your listing shine out from the rest. Buyers normally would like to see modern furniture setups in place, but only in certain ways. Let’s see how we can stage your house to sell and help you receive the most amount of money as well!

So, what exactly is staging a house?

Staging a house is the idea where you either hire a professional or do it yourself to add the very best furnishings to impress potential buyers. When selling your home in Venice it is important to depersonalize the property so new buyers can visualize themselves living there. By staging the home to its best potential, it will help maximize the sale price of the property. Around 77% of buyers say it is better for them to visualize with a staged home than a completely vacant home. This is why the top agents will offer to stage your home with their own money to help get the property sold. It is a great effective way of selling your home.

Stage a house in living room.


Simple Steps to Stage a House

1. Hire Professionals to Stage a House for You

By viewing the best professional home stagers and interior designers nearby, see which one will fit to your personality and decorative style. Some professional home stagers are extremely open-minded with their designs, while other professionals will keep it simple. Which one is best for your home? Search their portfolio and see which route to go by and compare the ones who you want to invest your money in with the most before making a decision.

2. Depersonalize your Home

Even though it is great to see your family pictures on the wall, too much might think buyers are visiting and not buying. By leaving some photos will lead to a staged feeling, so not overdoing the amount is best.

Others items that are to be removed to help speed up the home selling process and help maximize value, are objects like magnets or photo’s on your fridge. Toothbrushes in your bathroom should be put away. And any political or religious objects should be put out of sight if you think it may cause controversy. The point of depersonalizing is to give buyers, that wow it looks like someone moved in but do they even live here feeling.

clean dining room table for staging.


3. Do a Deep-Clean

When wanting to appeal to the most amount of buyers possible, it is important to clean the home to the very best of your ability. It will give a fresh sense of welcoming and warmness buyers are looking for. Most buyers will check every hidden crevasse possible so make sure no dust or dirt can be found anywhere. If it seems like a big task, try hiring a professional home cleaner instead. They may need to come out once a week, though it will be worth it as your property will always be nice and shiny.

4. Stage a House with Furniture & Furnishings

Adding furniture and furnishings is a significant part of staging a house. To stage a house correctly, matching furniture and furnishings should be apparent. Along with them matching the color and style of the home. Staging furniture can be anywhere from $300-$75K! See which rooms will need to be staged including the living and formal rooms. Have your dining room table setup as if there is about to be a large dinner. Food place mats, rolled up napkins, and plates, will create the sense of welcoming buyers are looking for.

When it comes to picking out furniture such as couches, coffee tables, bedroom sets, etc., then it is good to check out the latest trending home furniture catalogs for inspiration. Aim for bright colors or contrasting colors for perfect balance. Staging a home correctly will statistically show a faster rate of sale than properties that do not stage; however, if not staging a home right it could be worse than if nothing was there. So be sure to stage right and choose the best. And if it isn’t working out to well, maybe change up the staging.

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To Conclude,

There we have it, the very best tips and strategies to stage a house the right way. First, we will decide on whether or not to hire a professional stager. Second, to do a deep cleaning of the home and depersonalize the house. And lastly, to choose the very best matching furnishings that compliments the home. Do you have any tips? Leave them below.

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