When selling a home in Florida, one of the best things to check are recently sold listings in your area. This way you can find out how much your home is estimated to be worth. Once you find that value, you can begin to sell your house with the best possible price in mind.

Know Your Florida Competition

Deciding on a price to list your home at can be a little challenging. In the beginning, crunching the recently sold numbers is a timing task but well rewarded. Search out similar homes to yours that are available for sale. Then see what price they are at and if it is pending. This will help you much more when trying to find the best possible price to list at. Once you find this best and highest price you want to list your home at, the next step will help your goal of selling a home in Florida that much easier.

Search for a Florida Realtor

Searching for a local realtor in Florida to help sell your home is a great way to make the process smoother. For example, all the marketing, disclosures, showings, and escrows, need to be delegated and completed. A professional real estate agent will help guide you in completing all this and more. Saving time and money. On average going with a real estate agent can earn 30% more on your property.

The reason is they are more equipped with knowledge of your local Florida market. A Florida real estate agent will be able to tell the best possible price. And this is where they can make you more money in the long run. Sure you can sell your house in Florida by owner, but there may be money left on the table unknowingly. So choose a powerful realtor (like myself) and lets go on to the next step.

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To Fix or Not to Fix? That is the Question

A buyer walking into your home and sees that a lot of items need repairing or fixing before moving in, isn’t a good look. Try and fix all items that can be repaired that will provide the best look for your home. A new roof can be negotiated upon closing; however, if those same buyers also see a leaky faucet, the impression of the home begins to fade, along with the price. Keep up with maintenance of the home, and you will be golden when it comes time to sell.

Best Time For Selling a Home in Florida

Once you have all the paperwork ready, a real estate agent picked out, and your home ready to be shown, it is time to figure out the best time to sell. Are you wanting to sell super fast, or do you have time for it sell? Choosing either or will help guide you to the best possible and highest price when selling a home in Florida. For instance, when you price the property on the higher end, you will have to wait a bit longer than pricing a tad below market price. Depending on your time horizon will help determine the spot that will net you the most amount when selling a home in Florida.

Summer or Winter?

There really aren’t any other seasons in Florida other than Summer and Winter basically. So which is better time to sell a home in Florida? Winter time. This is because many people from out of town are currently visiting.

Together, they will help provide you with more offers and possibly more money. All is good in Florida during the winter. We got nice weather, beaches, theme parks, and more. I hope if you sell your home in Florida, it is for another property here in this state because it is the best!

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Marketing Your Florida Home For Sale

Have you ever wondered how to get your listings on Zillow, Trulia, MLS, and other listing websites? To do that all you have to do is create an account and post your home for sale on these websites. It is pretty straight forward. Moreover, the trick is updating your listing for sale in Florida with captivating photos and descriptions. Video marketing about your home is becoming the top favorited way to get your property noticed.

To the Closing Table!

After you have completed listing your home for sale and accepted an offer, the next step is getting to the closing table. In addition, you will be presented with possible other offers in the time being. Do not let this get you discouraged if a higher offer comes in. Sometimes even though it is better it isn’t always good and these offers can have stipulations attached.

Your Florida Home is Now Sold!

Before the signing takes place, inspections and appraisals need to be completed if required. Surveys and disclosures should be reviewed carefully and looked over by an attorney or your real estate agent. They will help you with any errors that are found. Sometimes permits can hold up a sale when selling a home in Florida. Visit the local records to see if any open permits are in place. If there are any, close them out if possible to prevent any delays.

After all is well, and all parties have signed, the deed has been transferred, then the sale of the property in Florida is complete!

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