Learning to sell your house in Venice can be a time consuming process. This guide will be available to help streamline the process and provide excellent real estate tips for you. By reading this guide, you will soon learn the steps it takes to decide that you really want to sell your home, prepare your home to sell, and to finally close on the sale.


1. Deciding to Sell Your House

Selling your home can be a great endeavor very few do. Others it is a common practice. When selling your home, it is recommended to already have a plan in place on where you will be going afterwards and making sure it is set. Afterwards, the next step is figuring out what price can be reasonable to sell your house at. Check out comparable properties nearby to get a rough estimate on your house value. Research the real estate market trends to see if it is a buyers or seller’s market. Pricing your home right in the beginning is key in getting your property sold in a timely manner you prefer.

House on the gulf Venice Florida



2. Prepare Your Home to Sell

When selling your home in Venice Florida, as it being on the Gulf Coast, some properties can be located in flood zones. This makes flood insurance required for buyers working with lenders. Selling a home knowing as much as you can about the property will help sell your home for the most. You will be able to determine the estimated value of what property can provide. Land along on the water can be expensive and with a very nice home built on it, it will likely add even more value.


Using Professional Real Estate Photography

Selling your house is a process that is more like a formula. And using professional real estate photography is an excellent way to help sell your property for the most money. Having pictures of your home with storm clouds in the background with trash cans in front likely will not make a great first impression. Additionally, it can probably be used to talk the seller in lowering the price. This will likely calculate your home to taking longer to sell (time is money) and probably will sell for a lower amount.

A reason the property could sell for less is because the perceived value could be less in the buyer’s eyes. It is of great significance to use professional photography for maximum results. Take it a step further with real estate video tours. Include drone video shots of the neighborhood with a bird’s eye view of the property for excellent perspective.

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Selecting a Real Estate Agent

View top Venice realtors nearby to see which ones are selling property. Some agents strictly work with buyers so check out great selling agents that can list and sell your property. See whether working with a Real estate agent vs Realtor®, or selling the property yourself will be good. In most cases, working with a realtor could yield better results. They are held to higher ethical standards and can have more knowledge in your homes area to help receive the most value for your property.

When choosing an agent see what the average close rate for that agent is. You can use this to help determine the success of them listing and selling your home in a time frame you like. There could be other stats that could help sellers determine how likely their home will sell with the beginning list price. This is an advantage for sellers as they can estimate the value of the home and how long the time will likely take to get the property sold.

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3. Negotiate Offers

After listing your property for sale and using great photo’s to showcase the property, it is time to be prepared to accept or decline incoming offers. A great realtor will have offers in your hand within a time frame you specify. If it is taking longer to sell than anticipated, it is likely priced a little high or needs staging and landscaping done to help appeal the property to more buyers. When taking offers it is mindful of knowing if buyers are using cash or financing. And when financing, it could take a little longer to close on the property; however, their offer might be higher as they know it might take a little longer to close than a cash deal.

For example, instead of an offer coming in at listed price – $250k, a buyer working with a lender wanting to finance the home, might submit an offer for $255k. This will help the buyers offer stand out to any other offers on the table while providing the seller an incentive to work with the buyers with financing instead of a cash deal buyer. Maybe when looking at an offer more carefully, there could be a clause from the buyer that all appliances to be included in the sale. Anything is for sale in real estate.

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4. Closing the Deal

One last thing when it comes to real estate is – closing on the deal. Making sure all disclosures are signed, inspections and appraisals are made, and all monies are ready to be sent in escrow will all help make sure closing day runs smoothly.  Venice Florida title companies, real estate attorneys, and real estate agents are there to help sell your house in Venice and help you in achieving the best results possible.

Different vendors can yield different results from one another, so it is good to have a network of the very best people working for you to close the deal. And once the closing happens, they will be there to assist you again in your next transaction.

Close the real estate deal.


In conclusion

You can sell your house in Venice pretty quickly – on average 45 days once an offer is accepted. Though it can be a little more time consuming in the first time around. By learning the process of selling your home, you can help achieve the best possible results for you. Decide on whether you really want to sell. Then prepare your home for showings and hire the best. Negotiate all offers that come to the table. And finally, close the deal with ease. These are the steps needed to help sell your house in Venice.

What do you think could add results to selling your home? Mention down below on ways you think you can do to sell your home. And be sure to like and share this article for more!