Very great history is behind Longboat Key as it remains a gorgeous island with perfect views of the Florida Gulf coast.

Surprisingly, not too long ago, Longboat Key was once very remote with little public services or incentive to live there.

After around 1950, the town incorporated and amazing new public services developed which led to a increase in the population and the rise of demand for land.

If you wanted to buy land back then, John Ringling probably was the guy to talk to. He was a large stake holder in Sarasota especially in Longboat key during the early formation of the small town.

In the present time, Longboat is a perfect destination for delicious seafood, luxury, and gulf coast views. The island now is mostly developed with not too much left for new construction. Which makes owning any land out here great.

From the live shows, fine dining, and exclusive top rated beaches in the world, Longboat key is a piece of paradise.

For all pet owners, you can bring your pupper to the Joan M. Durante Park. A great dog beach for everyone.

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