Selling your own house without a realtor is a task that should be not be overlooked. A lot is at stake when it comes time to sell your home. Cutting corners and expenses may not be the best choice. However, if you are up to the task of successfully learning how to sell your own house without a realtor, then lets start with the basics.

Get Ready to Sell Your House

The very first step should be making your house ready to be shown. Even with virtual showings becoming a large player, nothing beats taking a look at the property in person. This is why it is important to keep the property clean and up to standards for maximum value.

One great tip to go along with this, is to “depersonalize” your home. It isn’t something I like to recommend but do and that is to simply remove those wonderful and great family photo’s. This can help sell the home faster because the potential buyers who view the property may see their own photo’s and vision their home setup and goals. If the items stay in place, buyers may see this and think they are visiting a home and need to leave before they overstay their welcome. Of course, not all buyers will think like this and will not mind; however, it makes it easier for the buyers which is great.

Depersonalize your house for sale.

Price Your House Right

If you need to sell your home quickly, then pricing your home right is very important in the beginning. Wanting to price your property higher than what the market will pay is normal. Figure the best price and just start with that if time is important. If time to sell is not too important, it may be more beneficial to list your property a little higher than what most buyers would pay. Just maybe there will be a buyer willing to pay, which could be a nice payoff for the potential extra wait time.

Documents and Disclosures

Start gathering all the required documents and disclosures. You can contact your local real estate agent and real estate attorney to make sure you have all the required legal documents and disclosures. It is great to talk with your financial advisor to help make sure selling your home is the right choice as well.

Marketing to the World

The internet is slowly becoming the main way for buyers to search property information on. Utilize the internet to the best of your ability for maximum results. Prepared to be called and emailed about other business services as your making your number and email public. Most of the time when someone calls they are interested in buying a property and isn’t a telemarketer. A real estate agent can help with making sure anybody who calls and takes a look at the property is a buyer ready and active to purchase property within the area.

Expenses can incur when submitting your listing to the MLS or similar real estate listing services. The reason for this is because of it being more regulated on what goes on the website. Facebook marketplace is great to advertise your property, except, anybody can post a listing. On the other hand, basically all properties listed on the MLS and paid services are currently active for sale. This is a great reason to be on there as it will show buyers you are currently ready to sell your house.

Advertise to Sell Your House

Besides using Zillow and, for a fee you can add your listing to the MLS. Your home will not be “fully” listed with a real estate company, though it will be searchable for all buyer agents in the area to see. This will hopefully bring more showings, and more offers!  Another few places to post is, Facebook Marketplace, Newspapers ads, and other related forms of advertising. It should not take too long to get a showing (and maybe an offer).

Kitchen inside house.

Of course nothing is guaranteed. Just because you posted a listing that your house was for sale, does not mean it will sell. Maybe it will take a few weeks and a showing or two before the price might need to be altered. Perhaps it could take months or years! What is your timeframe you would like the property to be sold?

Usually by pricing your home higher than that market value, it will take longer. By pricing low, then it will likely sell faster. If it takes longer and you think price is right, then the home might need cleaning or updates to make it more picture worthy to bring in the buyers. Either way, use any legitimate forms of offline/online advertising to get people interested in your house being for sale. If it’s priced right, a decent offer should arrive shortly.