Purchasing a property or a home is one of the most largest investment (or liability) a person will make. When it it a time to sell your house, it is common to hire a professional realtor.

There are a couple great things about finding and hiring a real estate agent, but sometimes it might be easier to sell or buy your own home to.

When people think about selling a house, they may think about lots of paperwork. I believe with the internet and social media, paperwork can begin to be delivered by online means without a realtor.

Now, it will be a lot more difficult and more time will be needed, but it can be done. After doing a couple sales, it may get easier.

Like I said though, sometimes it may be better to hire an agent to do the work for you while you can relax and do not mind splitting the commission.

You can easily learn how to sell a property by a quick search on YouTube for the latest guide, however, most value will come from knowledge of your local market.

Find out prices of homes that sold nearby and list them so you have a list of recent sale prices around your neighborhood. Let’s take a look at what a professional agent should be providing.

What Does a Realtor® Do?

  1. Provides Flyers, Brochures, Refreshments (maybe), Advertisements.
  2. Delivers Ethical Real Estate Professional Services and MLS entry.
  3. Negotiates contracts and more with buyers and seller.
  4. Hold private showings and Open Houses.

It is interesting because many people seem to have had a bad run with real estate agents, not realtors. A realtor will be providing only the highest quality services. A real estate agent will only uphold their own broker policies.

If listing and selling your home with anyone, be sure to at least know if they are a licensed Realtor® for the best professional service.

I imagine many people still would like to keep the commission and sell by owner. So, below are the steps needed to negotiate a sale of your property by yourself.


How to Be a Real Estate Agent Selling Your House

Well, first would be to price your home just right. According to most surveys, pricing the home right alone could sell it. Search the internet to get an idea of local home prices. Home Estimates are like waves, they go up and down day by day. Therefore, a house appraisal may not be the same in 3 months. Be on a watch for latest real estate news to keep up with the markets.

List on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

A great directory for buyers and sellers is the MLS. It is a regulated resource meant for only the highest quality updated listings. For instance, if the home is not available yet it says it it, it is a violation and the Agent can be fined.

Therefore, the MLS is the best place you will find a great buyer for your property.

Of course, a fee is most likely involved, though some say it outweighs the costs from hiring a real estate agent still. After the home is ready and clean, hire a professional photography company to take amazing pictures of your home.

Negotiate a Contract

Once you have found a buyer for your property, you can hire a local real estate attorney. They can draft up the necessary paperwork needed to get the deed and sale done.

After inspections have been completed the purchase is complete and the title company will began to move the title to the buyers name.

sell house for sale by owner sign

Final Thoughts

Saving money can happen if you want to sell your home yourself. However, time will need to be given up in exchange. To show the property, advertise, negotiate, time is going to be needed from you in order for the transaction to happen.

If you would like to have this all done by a professional, a Realtor® like myself will always be there to help.

Have you thought about selling or been through the process of selling your home? What are your best tips to sell a home without an agent?