Selling your Florida land can be a little different than residential real estate. With regulations for environmental reasons, land sometimes cannot even be permitted to have any structures on the property. Therefore, it is very important to do some research about your property to make sure you get the most.

Land with the potential of having structures to be built with access to the property can be valued more than landlocked property. Today, we will look over the steps to sell your Florida land. And then review the ways to help you achieve the most.

Florida wetlands for sale regulations.


How to Sell Florida Land Online

A few steps can be done to start listing your land for sale online. First, review other properties recently sold similar to yours to help give an idea on the value of your land. You can review the local tax records to see the assessed value of the land. Pricing Florida land can be more in depth and requires more research to help make sure you get the most for your property. With this in mind, start by deciding on choosing a local Venice real estate agent to help market or to choose to sell your land yourself.

When selling your land on your own start gathering information and pictures of the property. Video and aerial photography is great to. This will be used for the buyers and can give a better professional experience. Be sure to consult with your professional legal advice and financial planners before selling your land in Venice Florida. Once onboard, it will be helpful to have contracts and disclosures ready. Your land can sell in about 3 days to even 7 months or more depending on the location.

Selling your land fast usually means there can be loss in profits. Reason is, buyers would want to purchase at a much lower price than market value for investment reasons. Talk with all parties involved so that they can assist you in helping you sell the land in a time frame you would like. Making sure all is well start posting advertisements of the land for sale online. Websites like Craigslist, Facebook,, are all great first options to begin letting the public know your land in Florida is for sale. Creating great listings is key to getting maximum views on the property listing.


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Selling Land Forms and Closing

Choosing to work with professionals on your land sale usually achieves greater results. Most properties can sell for more than and faster than properties listed by owner. Find a local real estate agent knowledgeable in Florida land to help guide you step by step.

Documents, deeds, disclosure all will likely need to be signed before any transfer is made. And if the property is landlocked and for recreational use only, then that can be a factor when selling the land. A title company will help you with the process of transferring title. Lastly, once all signatures are made, then the purchase is complete. Escrow deposits if any will be dispersed and that is it.