Real estate is an industry where value and time can pay off – literally. When investing in a home, most will see a great return on investment over the years. Sometimes, money is not well spent and is wasted. This article will detail the best ways to increase your Florida home value and maximize results when it comes time to sell.

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#1. Replace the Roof

One of the most asked questions in today’s Florida market is “When was the roof replaced?” This could be a deal breaker to many buyers if the roof needs to be replaced. By gathering the required permits and successfully completing the job of replacing the roof, this will likely result in a 1:1 increase of value to your home.

A great thing is many options are available to home owners that allow you to take low interest loans of getting these specific higher cost jobs done. When it comes time to sell the property, the loan will be paid off and any amount left over (if any) is handed to you. If a lot of work needs to be done to the property, replacing the roof might not be the best decision and could result in a significant loss – though it is a start in the right direction.

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#2. Add Layers of Paint

Painting the exterior and interior of your home could add thousands to your homes property value. It is a more simple way of increasing your home’s value pretty quickly. As long as the job is of professional quality, most will be able to see a great return or even help sell your home faster. Painting will also help brighten up and modernize the home to the point your home will look incredibly different, in a good way.

Paint bucket to add value to your home.


#3. Increase Your Florida Home Value with Landscaping

Doing great landscaping can add so much value to the home you never thought possible. Adding the correct trees and bushes could add thousands of dollars to the value of your home to the potential buyer and appraisers. Making sure the lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed, and flowers are watered, will be the best thing to do to help add value to your property. Check out the latest popular flowers and trees around your area and see how it could fit to your personality and theme of your home.

Adding mulch or stone around flowers and trees can add great value as well. Potentially, if you have a great buyer who does not like to do any landscaping, and your lawn has a lot of stone or mulch, this will be a great thing as not much mowing will need to be done to maintain the lawn.

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#4. Modern Furnishing’s

Updating kitchen counters to modern quality standards can make your property stand out in listings and increase value. While updating the kitchen counters, take a look at adding updated smart appliances and technology. Using your phone to control the light and air conditional is a fun and smart way to increase your home value with little work necessary.

To help achieve better results updating the rooms to complete renovations is the way to go. If you are updating the counters, it is better to update the appliances, cabinets, and sink in all in one go. This is because your net profit will likely be higher than just updating counter tops. To help save on costs, for example, the kitchen cabinets may not need to be replaced, but simply painted. This could save time and money, helping you increase your Florida home value pretty easily.

Modern furnishings can update and brighten up your home quickly and easily. New LED lighting and smart fixtures allows you to control almost anything important in your home from the cellphone. With new lighting and smart fixtures quickly adds value to your home and also helps with pictures to help sell the home as well.

Modern home interior furnishings.


#5. Update Windows to Energy Efficient & Impact Resistant

Updating windows is important as it could save money annually and add more security. Most counties in America require permits, so make sure you have permits if necessary before doing any work, especially windows. As funny as it may sound, this update needs a permit because there are standards a county sets and when purchasing a property, you essentially agree to those county standards; one of which is making sure a permit is pulled before updating windows. It creates the county required look and feel of the window while also making sure they are secure and impact resistant where necessary plus adds energy efficient savings.

This is why updating windows is a easy but somewhat a tedious process to help update and increase your Florida home value. Because it takes time and money for the permits alone, this cost helps add value to the result when done with upgrading your homes windows. It also may help the look and feel of your home as it could add more sunlight in while keeping the home cool in the process.

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In conclusion,

That is all for now, thank you for reading. I appreciate any comments you may think could add value to your home below. By simply updating windows, adding a few layers of paint, replacing the roof, keeping up with the Florida landscaping, and adding modern furnishings can add great value to your home and change the look of your home to results you never thought possible.

Until next time, see ya!