Great Tips to Sell Your Home In Florida By Owner

Are you wanting to sell your home without a real estate agent? This is called a for sale by owner and is a slight trending way to sell your home, but comes with a cost.

What many do not know is that by going the for sale by owner route, many are losing thousands of dollars because they price too low or are not that great at negotiating.

Though, even if the money or time does not bother, then by all means by selling your property by yourself will be quite easy as long as you have a plan.

Develop a Strategy.

One of the first steps in selling your property is to formulate a plan to get your home sold. This is not a game, for most, so please pay attention to all fees that may come up. Fee’s could include, inspections, lawyers, and time. Yes time is money. So let us develop a plan that saves us time, because we probably won’t be saving money by going the by owner route anyways.

The top reason many will choose to sell their home by themselves is because most will think they will save on commissions. While this is true, when the papers are signed most will be actually losing money. Time and money invested is simply less than what a realtor could have brought to the table for you.

So while losing money is something you may like to do, this is not our goal. So let us develop a strategy to get your home sold.

We can do this a few ways, but first we must ask the question: Are we really ready to move?

If you are hesitant or simply not ready to move, you maybe wasting your time and money trying to get your home sold.

Our thoughts will dictate whether or not our home will sell. If we think maybe we will get an offer, more than likely no offers will come through.

Why Must we Stick to the Master Plan?

By developing a plan and sticking to it, your home will sell faster than you can blink. The reason for this is because they’re are buyers right now wanting to buy your home. They just don’t want to pay what you may want them to pay. For instance, if your home is worth $300k and list it for $100k, anybody who does not buy your home is literally losing out on a free $200k pay day. So chances our if you list your appraised home at 300k for 100k a buyer will be there guaranteed.

The trick is to find a price that will sell but give the most amount of money when all things are said and done.

How can we do this? By developing a Strategy and be ready to move once you accept an offer.


Since you will be doing the marketing all by yourself it is best to learn how to market a property and to host open houses. By posting on Craigslist, Facebook, Zillow, and others, might make it happen; however, this is an unlikely scenario. When your home is worth above $1 million, expect it to be on the market for more than 100 days even if the best realtor market the property in Florida.

If you want to compete with realtors a well priced and marketed home will get your property sold. It will not happen if no marketing strategy is in place. You can market your property using advertisements online or in the local paper, New York  Times, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, and more. By leveraging newspaper, thousands and thousands of people will see your ad. Expect lots of phone calls. Answer your phone as you may never know, the buyer could be calling and if you miss that call that literally could mean a loss of a sale.

Lawyers and Planning

Florida has the best lawyers when it comes to real estate. No other state in our nation can compare real estate lawyers, we simply have the best of the best. However, it comes at a cost. Expect to pay thousands of dollars each time a lawyer creates a contract or develops a contract to litigate. If you know how to write up an offer and all that, you could save a bit. Though, it is best to have a legal expert guide in doing any contract work as a simple wrong word or name could make the whole contract null and void wasting time and money.

We can avoid this by sticking to our strategy of selling the home in a timely manner and reaching out to a friendly lawyer to help us on the journey to sell your property with ease.

To Conclude

One of the best ways to sell a home in Florida is with a real estate agent or realtor, but if thats not your liking you can very well sell your home by owner and come out on top. You can do this by following our tips and strategies to help save big and keep the most amount of money in your pocket after all things are said and done.

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Thank you.