Selling your home in Florida could take some time and work to get the deal done. However, by hiring a real estate agent listing professional, you can possibly speed up the home selling process and ultimately make more money.

To see how this works check out this home selling guide and strategies article and you will see what it takes to accurately price your home and to get the highest best possible price.

First Home Selling Tip – Price Your Property Accordingly

Pricing your property too high in the beginning can possibly stall the process as instead of selling you will have to be showing and then reducing price. This all takes time, and by pricing right from the start, you will skip the time it takes to reach a conclusion to lower the price of the home.

Having a reputable Venice Florida listing agent can help guide you in receiving the best possible price for your property as they will most likely send you a report of all listings around the area and reach a conclusion on your home value estimate. This should give you the knowledge needed to know what your property estimate is worth.

Venice beach house selling guide front.

Second Tip – Increase Agent Commissions

Yes, by increasing the commission given to the real estate agents involved in the selling of your home, it can potentially help increase the buyer pool, the natural incentive for everyone to work as hard a possible, and the chance of making your home their highest most looked at priority.

Agents will be able to use more of their own capital to have market your home in places and magazines not every property can be submitted to. Exclusive newspapers, radio advertisements, and website marketing, will increase exposure to much more pool of buyers.

And therefore, by offering more commission to the agents, they will likely use that not to help themselves, but to use it to sell your home faster and for the most amount of money possible.

My Third Home Selling Tip – Use Professional Photography & Descriptions

Using great video and photo’s for your property can help market your property better and increase the potential perceived value of your home. Descriptions which are true and factual – yet tell the story and theme of the home – will also help sell your home in a great efficient manner.

Some buyers are visual while others will buy simply on description, location, and pictures of the property.

When taking video of the property it is good to remove any personal belongings from the video as it can help potential buyers view themselves living there more easier.

Instead of relying on just photo’s, video photography of your home is a great supplement to maximizing the buyers experience of your home to the best of the property’s ability.

Home selling picture in Venice and Sarasota.

*Bonus Tip*

Move Fast in Real Estate

Deals can come and go in an instant. Be sure to be ready to move fast and sign when an offer your like is received. Most likely at any time before signing, can the buyer back out, so be sure to get your signature on the offer or it could slip away just as fast.

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