There are many different styles of homes for sale to choose from in Key West Florida. However, one style tops all in the Keys, and that is the famous “Key West Style Home”.

In addition, upon arrival you might see chickens crossing the road on Duval St. When buying a home for sale in Key West, the journey can be just as fun as the destination.

One thing is for certain, everybody here agrees it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and once the sun sets, the fun begins.

If this sounds like you, check out this guide on what to do before you buy a home in Key West Florida.

Downtown Key West Florida

How To Find the Perfect Key West Home For Sale

After arrival into the Keys, it may be sunny or rainy. No snow, only tropical weather. With that it is good to find a home with the latest hurricane and wind technology. Exterior colors can range from pastel to grunge and of course tropical themes.

Finding the perfect place to call home in Key West can be a slight challenge as there are a lot of buyers right now. Home prices in Key West are averaging about $1.1 million which is steadily increasing. So that best thing to do is to find an area you wish to live and have alerts setup so once a home is listed for sale, you will be the first to know.


Location is very important even though the Island isn’t too wide (2 miles). You will want to find a home that is close to the shops, dining, and entertainment. Mallory Square is famous for entertainment during sunset and nighttime hours. Most luxury homes will be nestled along the coast with hidden driveways.

If quietness is key, then maybe looking at towards the northern end where it’s less busy. It seems everybody congregates toward the south end of the Island – the further most tip. Especially for sunset.

Key West Style home and pool

How Long Does it Take To Buy a Home in The Keys?

Buying a home in Key West Florida can take anywhere between 7-35 days. Depending if the deal is a cash offer or financed. The average time it takes for a home to go pending in the Keys is about 50 days.

This means it takes about 50 days for a seller to get a buyer to purchase their property. This does seem on the longer end of time. Therefore, even though it is a sellers market at the moment, there could be a chance the seller will take slightly less than ask price if it was just listed. This is because the seller might think it could take many more days and would rather get the deal done now than wait possibly for a full price offer in about 50 days.

Does A Key West Home Require Flood Insurance?

Finding a home or condo in Key West for sale can be difficult if you do not want to have additional flood insurance. On the Key West island, there is a “safe” zone which is located like a radius extending out from the center. These homes in the area do not require flood insurance. This is because the Flood zone is “X”. Flood zone X means that there is very little chance of annual flooding. FEMA states flood zone X has a 0.2-percent-annual-chance of flood.  As a result, mortgage companies will not require flood insurance in these zones. However, being in the Keys, it is always recommended to have flood insurance, no matter the zone.

Key West Flood zone X for homes for sale

Find a Real Estate Agent in Key West

Choosing the right agent can yield results that lead to smooth transactions. Look for a real estate agent that knows the market of the Keys and can help you with setting up alerts. Perhaps I can even help. If you are looking at buying a home for sale in Key West Florida, this is a perfect guide to get you started.