Boca Grande

One of the best places to be is located on a small island on the Gulf coast. Boca Grande is home to the very best fishing, relaxation, foods, and more. Nowhere else will you find such a great community to visit. Since there are strict conservation rules set in place, Boca Grande will be kept up with original landscape, animals and culture.

Fisherman from all the world come visit Boca Grande each year to take part in the yearly fishing tournaments. Exciting action can be found in the waters lurking just off the coast. You will find Tarpon, Grouper, Snook, Snapper, and more!

After a great day of fishing or relaxing, take a short bike ride to some of the very best restaurants in Florida.

The food here is great and amazing. Most of the restaurants are right on the beach so the scenery will complement the background quite nicely.

Another great place to visit that is right next to Boca Grande is the island called Cayo Costa. It is home to some exciting wildlife and beaches. Come and enjoy only the best and finest of what Florida has to offer.

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