Painting your house is a project that can be very exciting. New colors can add a brand new fresh look to your home. Researching the best paint colors to sell a house is a task that can be fun yet time consuming. Here we have the top colors and painting strategies to use when choosing colors to help your house sell. Certain colors can add several thousands in value and have the property sell faster. Lets take a look at how we can help sell your house and add value with these top color choices and tips.

Best paint grey and white to sell house.

Colors that bring Buyers

The very first step before painting your house is to make a master plan. Choose the top colors that are around the bright and neutral tones. For example, grey, white, bright blue. These bright colors can help attract buyers and add value. Darker tones in areas that should be bright and open does not match too well. Zillow reports choosing bright colors for interior can add $1,200 in value. When wanting to paint your house to help sell it, figure the numbers to make sure it makes sense, sometimes it can cost more to paint.

In addition to the added value, painting your home to neutral colors can provide the sense of more space. Minimal and neutral colors are the modern trend. It’s almost like trying to replicate a zen tranquil atmosphere. Simplicity is key. Light grey color matte walls with semi-gloss white baseboards for example.

Zen like paint colors.

Types of Paint Finishes

Many shades of colors exists along with the finish and look. From glossy to matte. This can be a factor that will have to be decided on when choosing the paint colors. Here are a few tips on choosing the best types of paint finishes for walls and baseboards.

Matte paint is a smooth finish and most popular for areas in the living room, hallways and bedrooms. High gloss paint is great for the cabinets. And eggshell is another popular semi-gloss paint for hallways and bedrooms. Gather examples at local paint stores to see which paint finish will be best. Plus, a glossier paint will make it easier to clean. That is why its better to use semi-gloss paint in high traffic areas of the home.


All Paints Considered

Not all paints should be overlooked. Even though darker tones aren’t great in living areas, in others it can add value. Contrasting colors is a great way to match colors. Choosing brands that are quality is one last important note to consider. By picking up better quality paint, less will be used and quality will look better.

On average, by following these ideas, you can see buyers paying $1,200-$8,000 in extra value. The reason is because more buyers will be interested and if matching colors are found throughout, even better offers will likely be seen. It may be best to stick with brighter neutral colors. Consulting with an interior designer can also help see the best paint colors to sell a house efficiently. And will also have your plan likely set up for success. Simple is better and as well as brighter.