Summer can get quite hot and humid down here in Venice, Florida. However, with these top 10 essential home cooling tips, you can be sure your home is well cooled and welcoming for yourself and guest this summer!

1. Fans

Even though fans do not cool the air, the movement and circulation of the air makes it feel as though it is cooler than it really is. Turn on fans in rooms when needed, and this will keep the area feeling cooler while saving costs. Some phone apps have capabilities where they can turn fans and lights on/off from the phone – which is pretty cool (pun intended)

2. Lighting

Not to be confused with lightning even though its bright, lighting can be a huge temperature and cool factor for your home during warm days. It may be best to switch to CFL’s or LEDS for maximum cost and temperature saving. This is because these bulbs do not give off too much heat and are easier on electricity.

3. Appliances

Updated appliances can help lower the temperature in the room because they have engineered ways to limit the amount of heat they give off. Not only will updated appliances save on the annual electricity bill, but it will help keep your AC running smooth, and can also increase your overall property value.

4. Windows

There really is no reason not to update windows if you can. Sooner is better than later. Your AC will work way less and your home will stay and feel cooler longer. Some windows have tint built in for maximum cooling efficiency.

5. Roof

Whether your roof is made of metal, wood, or anything else, most of the time a quick update can add substantial benefit to cooling. Replacing old shingles or the whole roof together, perhaps to a white color, can help make your home much more cooler during the summer.

temperature outside hot, stay cool.

6. Paint

Color of the exterior of the home is extremely important when it comes to keeping your home cool this summer. The color white can keep your home feeling cool, but for added artistic touch, bright colors like yellow and blue are great.

7. Landscape

Your property landscape can help keep your home in the shade which will easily make it naturally cooler. However, with that you might lose out on sunrises and sunsets. Maybe find a balance of slight shade for good natural sunlight as well.

8. Filters

The air conditioner will run at peak efficiency if the air filters are either cleaned or changed each month. In addition, your AC will be liking the changes and will reward you with low AC costs and cool crisp clean air.

9. Insulation

When your home was built, it has insulation (hopefully) built in throughout the walls and roof. Sometimes it can wear faster than expected. Therefore, it is best to make sure all areas that can be insulated are. Check to make sure the attic is insulated and walls. This will help keep air cool and fresh keeping heat away.

10. Replace the AC

Usually for last resort, but maybe it is best to simply replace and swap out the old air conditioner unit for a new one. Today’s air conditioners can provide huge savings and will likely pay for itself in the following years. On top of that there are other incentives like it being more quite and runs cooler. Brands will likely give discounts if asked. Talk with your tax professional to see if any updates including replacing the AC can be a tax write off for even more savings.

Thank you for reading and sharing with a friend, let me know if you have any questions!